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Initiation in Paradise

Deborah Brown 0
Title: Initiation in Paradise
Published by: Paradise Books, LLC
Release Date: March, 2019
Contributors: Deborah Brown
Pages: 369
ISBN13: 978-0998440484
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Margaritas, mangroves, murder. Just another day at the office. 

One minute, Madison Weston and her bestie, Fab, are tailing Creole and Didier to figure out what they’re hiding. The next, a hail of bullets sends them swamp slogging for their lives. So much for cute shoes. 

Eventually, Creole and Didier come clean: Bodies are turning up in shallow graves, and they didn’t want their women catching wind of it. Too bad, boys, this mystery is too juicy to pass up.



Honk! The infuriating woman laid on the horn.

I slid into a pair of flip-flops and hustled out of the house, my annoyance cooling when I laid eyes on my friend’s hand, wrapped in something white, resting on the steering wheel.

Fab had called only minutes ago.

“I have an emergency. Will you come with me? I’m sitting out front.”

“Are you okay?” I grabbed my bag.

“Just hurry.”

“I’ll drive,” I yelled.

Fab shook her head and motioned me over to the passenger side of the Hummer, which I owned but seldom got to drive.

I hopped in and asked, “What happened?” as Fab sped out of the compound, my new nickname for the street we lived on. After purchasing the block as a wedding gift for his only daughter, Fab’s father had had twelve-foot-high fencing installed and added a security gate at the entrance.

“Well…” she started, then paused, tapping her finger on the steering wheel as she waited for the gate to open, and sped out.

Fab’s hesitance to answer had me squinting at her and wondering what she was up to. “You missed the turn to the hospital.”

“I lied.” Fab whipped the pillowcase off.

I stared, first at her, then her uninjured hand, then back at her.

Fab hit the gas as though I’d jump out, hightailed it to the main highway, and turned north.

I turned to the passenger window, oblivious to the scenery passing outside the vehicle, and silently counted, one… two… and snapped my head around. “What the heck are you up to?” I didn’t want to know, but since I was trapped in my car, with her in control of our destination, I’d better suck it up and find out. In the back of my mind, I contemplated jumping out at the next signal.


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