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Kidnapped in Paradise

Deborah Brown 0
Title: Kidnapped in Paradise
Published by: Paradise Books, LLC
Release Date: April 18, 2015
Contributors: Deborah Brown
Pages: 385
ISBN13: 978-0990316657
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In the Florida Keys, trouble is brewing along with the coffee. Friends Madison Westin and Fabiana Merceau search for the mastermind behind gruesome warnings showing up on their doorstep. Fab’s infamous new partner and Madison’s reappearing ex-husband complicate matters in this sexy and humorous action-adventure, the seventh installment of the Paradise series. Can they slip the bonds of protective custody and solve the mystery before they are Kidnapped in Paradise?


"If you're going to have trouble constantly following you, it might as well be in Paradise. This book grabs hold of you from the very first page."
"Deborah Brown has done it again! A fun, easy read that's nearly impossible to put down!" 
"LOVE this book series! Each new Paradise escapade surrounds you, and the characters... they unwittingly become your extended family."

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