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Overdose in Paradise

Deborah Brown 0
Title: Overdose in Paradise
Published by: Paradise Books, LLC
Release Date: November 15, 2018
Contributors: Deborah Brown
Pages: 302
ISBN13: 978-0998440477
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A woman's been found dead in Dr. A's beach house, face down in enough cocaine to put him away for life.


It's going to take more than trading a couple of favors to help the doctor, who's always been there for Madison, no questions asked, no blood left behind.


Plus being on the radar of a big-time drug dealer, shoots up the street value on their lives a million-fold. They could be in a felonious hot mess.


Nice things about living in Tarpon Cove? Favors are traded like cryptocurrency. If anybody asks, nobody saw anything.


And even the worst day can end with a pitcher of margaritas--glass optional.



Opening the door of the Hummer, I set my feet on solid ground and breathed out a big sigh of relief. I gave myself a casual once-over, making sure all my body parts were in the same place they were when I left home.


Heading south on the Overseas Highway through the Florida Keys, Fab had maneuvered the Hummer in and out of traffic like a woman possessed, leaving Tarpon Cove city limits in the dust, headed towards Marathon. It was a beautiful, clear day, the sun flickering off the water, and I barely had a second to enjoy it as we raced by.


Smoothing down my skirt, I grabbed a sheet of paper from my purse and started across the gravel patch at the far end of the parking lot. “It’s too bad you couldn’t park any farther away from the entrance,” I grouched. “Especially with all the paved empty spaces.”


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