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Psycho in Paradise

Deborah Brown 0
Title: Psycho in Paradise
Published by: Paradise Books, LLC
Release Date: July, 2018
Contributors: Deborah Brown
Pages: 298
ISBN13: 978-0-9984404-6-0
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In the Florida Keys, you have to take the shady with the sunny. And Tarpon Cove has more than fifty shades of shady going on.

Shady No. 1: When Brad is framed using the dead body of his crazy ex-girlfriend, the Westin family—which now includes Fab, Didier, and Creole by default—gathers to plan a strategy.

Shady No. 2: Fab is having a hard time keeping her promise to go legit. It’s not her fault she tends to attract clients who want their problems solved without getting the cops involved. Trying to keep her reined in is a full-time job, and a thankless one, since Madison keeps getting roped in on “easy” jobs that wind up getting the kind of messy that requires specialized cleanup.

Shady No. 3: Ferreting out the info needed to save Brad means using sources so deep in the friend-of-a-friend network they’re anonymous even to Madison.

The only thing not shady is Creole’s love. Madison’s kept her promise never to lie to him. Mostly. But when the killer wafts like smoke through the cracks in the investigation, the danger reminds her she should’ve eaten dessert first more often.

Because once he’s through with her, the mess that’ll need cleaning up will be her.


The sun glittered off the Tarpon Cove sign, touching everything around it. Baby blue skies straight off a postcard, fluffy clouds, and the scent of the salty water in the air—just another day in the Florida Keys.

Traffic on the Overseas Highway was light, and glancing in the rearview mirror, I was surprised to see flashing red lights bearing down on me. I checked the speedometer before easing off the gas. Speeding wasn’t the issue, as I’d been holding steady at a couple of miles an hour under the speed limit.

Just great. I’ve only had this SUV for a couple of days and already my first ticket. But for what?

I eased to the side of the road, the cop car pulling up just behind me. The officer didn’t get out right away. Shutting off the engine, I rolled down the window, keeping one eye on the rearview mirror and the other on the side mirror. Absently, I reached for my wallet, grabbing it off the passenger seat and extracting my ID. It surprised me to see two more police cruisers roll up behind the first cop.

The newest arrivals exited their cars, moving up and joining their colleague behind his open driver’s side door.

The first officer lifted a megaphone into view. “Throw your keys out the window,” he ordered.

What the hell?

“Put both hands out the window. Use one to open the door from the outside.”

This was no speeding-ticket stop.

As soon as I opened the door, another officer directed me to get out. “Stop. Get down on both knees and lie face down on the ground, hands extended outward.”

An officer approached from behind and handcuffed me, then patted me down. I assumed they were looking for weapons or drugs… or whatever. I had no clue.

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