There’s nothing like a speedboat gunfight to shake up a peaceful morning.

When the chase ends with an explosion right in front of Madison and Fabiana’s peaceful beachfront compound, their first call isn’t to 911. It’s to their husbands, Creole and Didier. A promise is a promise, after all.

Besides, if they’re tagged as witnesses, they’ll be targets for whoever wanted the occupants of that boat dead. So they ping their network of insiders and sit back, blissful in their mistaken impression that they’ve given trouble the slip.

But trouble has a long reach. The bombed-out boat is only the first clue a new crime boss is trying to muscle into Tarpon Cove. And a face from Fab’s former life-on-the-edge is back, wanting to pick up where they left off. Giving this creeper the cold shoulder won’t stop the inevitable. And the path of destruction could include the entire town.



The Florida Keys has everything for your perfect vacation. Beaches, beverages, and betrayals.

Quirky property owner, Madison Westin inherits a whole lot more than her aunt’s quaint beachfront cottages. Taking on a slew of colorful and shady tenants, Madison navigates a whole new world of drunks, ex-convicts, and fugitives. But all new businesses have their hang-ups.

With a ruthless lawyer and the former property manager out for blood, Madison is forced to enlist her Glock-rocking bestie to help her take down vile enemies. But can the feisty Madison ace her crash course in blackmail, murder, and drugs before it’s too late?


Sometimes it’s safer to stay dead—it’s easier to dig for the truth.

I’ve got a man handcuffed to my bed.

I’m Harper Finn, legit business owner. But I picked up a ringing phone that wasn’t mine and…well, I’m now involved.

Sure, Grey Walker, six feet of blue-eyed hotness, will gripe about me kidnapping him when he wakes up. But I couldn’t just let the ex-cop fall prey to a hit someone took out on him. Trust me, with people setting him up to take the fall for an infamous murder, he’s better off pretending to be dead for a while. In south Florida, it’s easier than you might think.

And as we dig for the truth, we have to be careful not to wind up at the bottom of Biscayne Bay.


Just when you think it’s safe to stop looking over your shoulder…

When Stella Redman’s abusive ex-boyfriend, “Tick,” appears out of nowhere hell-bent on turning her into a hood ornament, she doesn’t stick around to ask why. She runs hard and fast, looking for a friendly door.

Lucky for her, the door belongs to WD Security, and the man who sends Tick packing—and bleeding—is Lucas Adler, a square-jawed ex-cop with deadly accurate aim, a talent for making Stella develop an embarrassing tendency to babble, and a baffling ability to win over her shy three-year-old son.

Asking nothing in return but her trust that he’ll keep her safe, Lucas brings all WD’s resources to bear to give Stella some much-needed breathing room. But men like Tick don’t give up easily. And it only takes one moment of believing her troubles are over for that illusion to go up in flames…


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Deborah Brown is an award-winning and Amazon bestselling author of the popular Paradise series. The Florida Keys mysteries are “great as stand-alone reads, but they’re like chips…you won’t be able to devour just one!”

There’s nothing she likes more than a strawberry lemonade in summer. Favorite activity: Filling her pockets with seashells. An avid rule follower when eating Animal Cookies: Broken ones get eaten first, match up the rest, duplicates next, line them up favorite to not, least favorite go first.

The Gulf of Mexico is her home, which she shares with two ungrateful rescue cats, and where Mother Nature takes out her bad attitude in the form of hurricanes.

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